It used to be a home theater or surround sound system took 6 remote controls and pages of instructions on how to turn everything on, select what you wanted to watch, and control it.  Only could the very wealthy afford the multi-thousand dollar remote controls that could handle this complexity.  In the last few years, Universal Remote (yes, that’s actually their company name), had made tremendous strides in producing affordable remotes we can program to make your life really simple.


There has also been an evolution in the way we use our systems.  The advent of DVR’s, and DVD menus have taken us to a spot where we use the up/down/left/right/enter keys for almost 95% of what we do with our systems.  The “wand” type of remote is in most cases best suited for this type of use and we know of no other manufacturer who has a better variety to choose from in this category than Universal!


We can customize a Universal Remote to perfectly fit your system, making everything extremely simple.  Not only can this type of remote control your home theater components, new advances have made it pretty simple for the remote to control your theater lighting as well.  Universal and Lutron have teamed up to produce a dimmer the remote can directly control.  This allows us to do some pretty cool stuff, like making the lights come up to a dim level when you press the pause button on your DVD player!

Universal has developed new RF technology that makes things even better.  It used to be, if we wanted to hide your gear, we mounted a small IR pickup device that gathered in the IR signal from remote controls and transmitted this down a wire, back to a device that sent the signal out to all of the gear.  This worked fine until flat panel TV’s were introduced. Flat panel TV’s spray out an IR interference pattern that made this type of pickup pretty unreliable.  We now can put in a Universal RF base station that will pick up signals from the remote and transfer them to your gear, while we have the remote send IR only to the TV.  This is simply the best of both worlds and what we highly recommend.


Our most popular Universal remotes are the MX900, MX880, and MX980.  The MX980 has a great color display and comes with a docking/recharging station.  Our professionals can program them to perfectly match your system.

mx880 mx980

When you think about the money that can be spent on a complete home theater system, we feel a good programmable remote is the best possible investment.  It truly is your constant point of interfacing to the system.  Get it done right, and your system should provide you with great pleasure; try to cut costs by using the factory remotes usually results in quite a bit of frustration or just one person in the family who can figure out how to use and enjoy the system!