In the early days of Audio Advice, before the times of the CD, we had a large variety of turntables to choose from. After all, the turntable was the centerpiece of any great hi-fi system. One of our favorite turntable brands at the time was Thorens, a Swiss company founded in 1883. Some of you may still have an old TD320 or 318. These things were built like tanks.

Over time, demand for turntables dwindled. Eventually, around 15 years ago, we decided to stop carrying Thorens.

The Comeback

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, you are aware vinyl is making a huge comeback.  As a matter of fact, it’s no longer a comeback, it’s a once again a serious part of the music software business.  With this, comes far more demand for great turntables, not only from those who enjoyed them in their heyday, but from a whole new generation of music lovers who truly appreciate vinyl.  While we’ve got tons of great brands already to choose from including Linn, VPI, Pro-ject, and Rega, we felt Thorens had some things to offer that were pretty cool.

With that said, I am happy to announce that Audio Advice will once again carry Thorens turntables! What’s really interesting, is there are now more different models of Thorens turntables than there were before the CD!

Automatic Functions

Thorens tables are all made either in Germany or Switzerland, so their fit and finish is impeccable!  One of the most popular turntables ever made were the Thorens Dual tables from Germany.  These were the best fully automatic turntables you could buy.  I had one myself back in 1976!  Thorens has retooled the Dual factory to make some great fully automatic tables.  

So what is different in an automatic and a typical turntable?  With all the brands I mentioned above, you are the one who places the tonearm in the correct spot and lowers down the stylus onto those sweet sounding record grooves.  When the album ends, you have to cue up the arm.  A fully automatic table does all this for you, which if you are not of steady hand, is a great way to protect both your records and stylus.  

Some of our Favorites

Thorens TD170-1 turntable

Thorens TD170-1 turntable

We’ll be starting the Thorens line up with the TD 170-1.  This guy is $699 with cartridge ready to roll.  We think you will find it super easy to use and a great value.  There is even a version available with a built-in phono stage in case your system doesn’t have one.

The next step up is the TD 240-2.  This comes with a beautiful wood base, an upgraded cartridge and a motor isolation system at $1,199.   If you are not a fan of wood, black is also an option.  This one could be the ultimate fully automatic table.


Finally, I could not resist the TD 309.  This is a manual table with a $1,000 tonearm included.  It sports an acrylic platter and a fully isolated motor.  The tonearm has some of the best feeling bearings around for the money. But I have to say,  the looks are as stunning as the sound!  You have to see this thing to appreciate it.  We will have this on display in a bright red for all you NC State and Hurricanes fans at $1,999  Gloss white and black are the other finish options.

Thorens TD240 turntable

Thorens TD240 turntable

An option for those of you who own an older Thorens tables is their TP92 tonearm.  While the Thorens tables of 20+ years ago had a similar suspension system to our favorite Linn tables, the tonearm was always a weak point in comparison.  Well great news, you can actually replace your 20+ year old tonearm with the new TD92 and get a huge upgrade!  This is a brand new design world-class arm you will find on their tables on up to their $5,000 model.  In most cases it will just drop right in and you’ll be set for another 20 years!

As a reminder, any turntable purchased at Audio Advice comes with free cartridge setup and alignment, and a complete tonearm setup to make sure your valuable records are not ruined by an improperly set up system. This is the most important thing about any turntable, getting it set up properly.  

We invite you to come out to one of our showrooms and check out the return of this old friend! Thorens, welcome back!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message or chat with us.