Most of us think of a security system as something we arm when leaving home or going to bed at night, giving us peace of mind and acting as a deterrent to intruders.

Did you know today’s technology can let your existing security infrastructure give you much more?

  • Imagine your kids come home from school around the same time everyday. Would you like to get an email when they disarm your security system? Better yet, an email if the system isn’t disarmed by a certain time?
  • Imagine getting an alert that your front door has been opened and being able to check a video feed from your security camera (see picture above).
  • Imagine you’re away from home. You forgot the HVAC company is coming and needs to get inside your home. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to disarm your alarm system from your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device?
  • Imagine you leave home and forget to arm your system. You can also arm your system from your phone, just like you can disarm it.

All these options work through an system. We can typically reuse 90% or more of your existing security system. If you have cameras we can usually add technology allowing them to communicate with the system. Or we can install the latest cameras to communicate with the system right out of the box. The possibilities are really unlimited.

The system uses an encrypted GSM cell system to access secure servers. From there you can control and receive information on the web, or almost any web enabled portable device. Your own personalized web page lets you set up your alerts-including email alerts.

All Audio Advice clients with upgrades to their security systems love the control they now have.

We invite you to contact us with one of our contact forms, or call Raleigh at (919) 881-2005 or Charlotte at (704) 821-4510, and let us meet with you about how to best implement the advantages of for your home and family. Our visit will be no charge and no obligation.