Time Warner Cable
Power Save Fix

Wondering Why Your Time Warner Cable Box Keeps Shutting Itself Off?

We've received more service calls about this over the last year than anything we can remember. Most people are complaining of a blue or black screen on their TV when they select cable on their remote.  The good news is, the fix is really simple!

The Problem: Your TWC Remote Doesn't Know if Your TV is On or Off

Almost all current audio/video gear has a unique Time Warner Cable remote control code for power on and power off.  When used with a smart remote, the remote always just issues power on commands when you turn the system on.  The problem is, Time Warner Cable boxes do not have unique commands for power.  Since your remote has no idea if the cable box is on or off, a power command might turn it off if it's already on.  This means your cable box just needs to stay on all the time.

Enabling Power Save Mode on Your Time Warner Cable Box

Recently Time Warner pushed out an update that added a "Power Save Mode" to the software and they set all cable boxes into the power save mode.  What this means is after 4 hours of the box not seeing you change a channel, the Time Warner cable box turns itself off!  We did some measurements to see if this really was saving power and the answer is yes, but barely any at all.  The readings in the on and off state are within 10% of each other.  The problem though now, is you have to manually turn on your cable box every time you turn your system on.

As we said, the good news is, it takes about 30 seconds to fix it.  Please watch this video for instructions on how to navigate to the power save section and turn it off.