In this Tech Tip we show you how to perform easy fixes for some Apple TV glitches in the following video and in the steps listed below.

If you’re having problems getting movies and TV shows you’ve rented or purchased, follow the steps below at the Navigation Menu.

1. Settings-General-Restart

Go into Settings. Go to the General Menu, navigate to bottom of list to Restart. This will usually fix most things you run into.

2. Settings-General-Update Software

If Restart doesn’t work, go back to Settings to the General Menu. Go to Software Updates. Go to Update Software. Make sure your software is fully updated.

3. Settings- iTunes Store-Log out and back in

If Software Update doesn’t work, go back into Settings. Go to iTunes Store, log out of the store and log back in. These first three things will fix 90% of the things you run into with Apple TV.

4. Settings-General-Reset

If none of the first three fixes fully fix your Apple TV, go back into Settings. Go to the General Menu and navigate almost to the bottom of the list to Reset (one item above Restart). This will Factory Reset the Apple TV. You’ll need to enter all of your information again, but this complete reset should fix most other problems.

5. Use a USB to micro USB cable to restore from a computer

If you cannot see anything with your Apple TV (it’s blinking with a white light on the front and nothing is coming from it), plug your Apple TV into a computer with a USB to micro USB cable. Turn on iTunes and factory reset your Apple TV. That will fix virtually everything you can run into.

6. Settings-Network-Change to a Phone hotspot and reauthenticate

If you’ve tried all these fixes and they don’t work, there’s been a recent glitch where authentication of time and day isn’t working through the router. Go into Settings and go to the General Menu. Go into Network. You can change the Network to a hotspot on your phone. It will authenticate and then you restart the Apple TV. Then plug the Apple TV back into your Ethernet or back into your regular Wi-Fi and everything should be fixed. This should take care of 99% of the problems with your Apple TV.

Your router firmware should be updated before these fixes are tried. If none of these fixes work you probably need a new Apple TV.