1. Show Your Vinyl Some Love

    Show Your Vinyl Some Love
    Vinyl sales for 2014 showed a 52% increase over 2013, and 2015 saw a 37% increase in the first three months over last year. With all this, here at Audio Advice, we've seen a huge increase in turntable sales, especially entry level models.
  2. Could the world's best turntables come from New Jersey?

    Could the world's best turntables come from New Jersey?
    Vinyl and turntable sales continue to grow each year, and one reason is the sound produced by turntables from VPI, a long time Audio Advice favorites. Steve Guttenberg at CNET recently visited them: "VPI has been making turntables in New Jersey since the early 1980s when Ronald Reagan was president, and everyone thought the CD would kill the LP in a...
  3. Happy Travels!

    Happy Travels!
    The year was 1979. Audio Advice had opened up it’s first high end audio room and had brought in an interesting new product, a turntable isolation base from a new start up out of New York City called VPI. Throughout the years, Audio Advice has sold truckloads of VPI turntables. Fast forward to 2013 and once again, VPI has a...

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