1. For Those Who Miss Their Vandersteen Model 2's

    For Those Who Miss Their Vandersteen Model 2's
    If you’re reading this, you may be a long-time friend of Audio Advice. If you’ve been around from the beginning, there is a high likelihood that you still have a pair of Vandersteen Model 2’s you can’t seem to part with, or you sold them off when flat panel TVs made them look like dinosaurs in your living room. For me, and probably many of you, it’s really hard to find a speaker that can portray music quite like the Vandersteen Model 2.
  2. 50 Reasons to Seriously Consider B&W 800 Series Speakers

    50 Reasons to Seriously Consider B&W 800 Series Speakers
    In celebration of their 50th anniversary, Bowers & Wilkins has released the new 800 series. Over 8 years in the making, these speakers are the biggest overhaul B&W has ever made to a speaker line. While the title of this blog refers to 50 reasons to give them a shot, there are really over 800. The engineers at B&W have changed all but 4 parts in the 800 series, painstakingly improving every aspect of these iconic speakers.
  3. Magnepan Releases Model .7 Speakers

    Magnepan Releases Model .7 Speakers
    Recently, Magnepan introduced the new Model .7. Their aim was to provide most of the sound from the highly rated Model 1.7 in a smaller package. Magnepan has hit it out of the park with these guys. The .7s are only about 4.5 feet tall and 15 inches wide with the tiny 1 inch depth Maggies are famous for.
  4. Outdoor Elegance from Sonance and Séura

    Outdoor Elegance from Sonance and Séura
    Circle marks the spot for each elegantly hidden Sonance Landscape System speaker. The Carolinas' wonderful spring and summer evenings are just around the corner, when we can get outdoors and spend more time enjoying our friends and family. Nothing adds more pleasure to the mood of togetherness than playing your favorite music to help bring back old memories or be a...
  5. Hot Fun in the Summertime!

    Hot Fun in the Summertime!
    by Leon Shaw Summertime in the Carolinas means outdoor gatherings with friends and family. Sitting around reminiscing with music from the past or listening to music by the new band you've discovered adds a ton of fun to your get together. Sharing your music in the great outdoors is a bit more challenging than in your living room. Let's look...

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