1. Deep Dive Comparison of Rega Turntables

    Deep Dive Comparison of Rega Turntables
    We’ve had the Rega turntables in for a few months, and I must say, the more I get to know these little jewels, the more I like them! First of all, they are belt drive turntables. I fully believe until you’ve spent $30K+ that belt drive is far and away the best way to spin a platter. One of the primary things that I really love about analog playback (when it’s good) is the sense of rhythm and pacing the better tables are able to achieve. To do this you need incredible speed stability. Direct drive turntables may start up quickly compared to a belt drive, but they are constantly trying to correct themselves. With a belt drive, the weight of the platter is used to get a flywheel effect. Once the platter starts spinning and gets up to speed, it’s very stable.
  2. Rega Returns to Audio Advice

    Rega Returns to Audio Advice
    Audio Advice sold Rega products for a period several years ago but stopped due to supply issues with the importer they were using. Well, times have changed, Rega has a new importer in the US and they are coming back to the shelves of Audio Advice!

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