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  1. Outdoor speakers for great outdoor living!

    Outdoor speakers for great outdoor living!
    Audio Advice founder and chairman Leon Shaw presents two of our favorite speaker selections for enjoying music outdoors: the Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 weatherproof and waterproof speakers, and the Sonance Landscape Series. These choices will make your favorite music sound great outdoors in virtually any setting!
  2. Outdoor Elegance from Sonance and Séura

    Outdoor Elegance from Sonance and Séura
    Circle marks the spot for each elegantly hidden Sonance Landscape System speaker. The Carolinas' wonderful spring and summer evenings are just around the corner, when we can get outdoors and spend more time enjoying our friends and family. Nothing adds more pleasure to the mood of togetherness than playing your favorite music to help bring back old memories or be a...
  3. Hot Fun in the Summertime!

    Hot Fun in the Summertime!
    by Leon Shaw Summertime in the Carolinas means outdoor gatherings with friends and family. Sitting around reminiscing with music from the past or listening to music by the new band you've discovered adds a ton of fun to your get together. Sharing your music in the great outdoors is a bit more challenging than in your living room. Let's look...
  4. A Sonance Landscape Summer

    A Sonance Landscape Summer
    Its been a fun summer here at Audio Advice helping many clients rock their back yard with the new Sonance Landscape speaker system. The process usually goes something like this: -A lucky back yard gets on our list for an installation -Our team of pros performs the installation. -The lead installer calls our consultant. -He says- “You have to come...
  5. Planning Your Outdoor Audio and Video System

    Planning Your Outdoor Audio and Video System
    If you noticed improvements you'd like to make to your outdoor systems over the Memorial Day holiday, now's the time to get in touch with Audio Advice. Here are some things to consider, via Electronic House magazine: "Now that the chill and gray weather is (hopefully) behind us for the season, many people will be stepping out of the dark...

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