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  1. I've Seen the Light: LED light, that is!

    I've Seen the Light: LED light, that is!
    As most of you know, the world of home theater is one of my true passions.  Nothing (except for friends and family) puts a smile on my face like watching a great movie or concert video on a high performance theater. So I’ve watched with great anticipation the evolution of the latest light source technology: LED (light-emitting diode).  We first...
  2. HDLiving Magazine, Spring 2009

    HDLiving Magazine, Spring 2009
    Visit the following link to access the latest edition of HD Living Magazine: This quarter's issue features an article on HTSA's Guiltless Green Home Theater, showcases some new home entertainment products with energy savings as a benefit, and has an article on the Nantucket Wine Festival among its features. Needless to say, we also recommend checking out the article on...

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