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  1. Uh oh, I broke my paycheck

    Uh oh, I broke my paycheck
    Steve Jetter, our resident service expert, asked me if I could help him with a tone arm this weekend. I took it home and used my drill press to put in screw holes for a client's Linn LP12 tonearm board. This reminded me of a funny story (it was not funny when it happened, but I can laugh at it...
  2. A Computer Audio Revelation

    A Computer Audio Revelation
    If you have taken the plunge into computer audio, you'll appreciate this post. I guess you could say I got into computer audio way back when the first hard drive music servers started appearing on the market.  I remember sitting around and ripping my fairly large CD collection at 328kbs to put on an AudioReQuest system I had in my...
  3. New Classé Digital Amp

    New Classé Digital Amp
    Our summer digital media event focused mostly on two things, how to have more fun in your home controlling systems with your cell phones and tablets, and all things computer music. However, off in one corner a new product was shown in the US for the first time that will hit our shelves later this year. I actually did not...
  4. Go cut off a broomstick

    Go cut off a broomstick
    Audio Advice became a Vandersteen dealer in the early 80's. I'll never forget meeting Richard Vandersteen for the first time at CES. Here was this guy sitting in a chair with cowboy boots drinking a Miller beer. He turned out to be Richard Vandersteen, the founder of one heck of a great speaker company. At that time the Model 2...
  5. How can you stand to listen to all this solid state stuff?

    How can you stand to listen to all this solid state stuff?
    As you may have read in the earlier post on my upgrade bug, I was working the late shift at Sam Goody when a customer walked in and asked me “how can you stand to listen to all this solid state stuff?”  I was very puzzled at first and asked him what he meant.  He started telling me about how...

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