Brad O’Toole  from Transparent Audio, our favorite cable and power conditioning company, was in our store this week to show us some new products. This always results in a slew of cables laying all over the floor of our sound room as we have fun listening to the differences.  I find it really interesting to compare various interconnects, speaker cables, and now even power cords!

I did a little comparing at home a couple of weeks ago and discovered something quite surprising.  I took my son’s PlayStation3 and connected it to my Classe SSP800 surround sound processor and used it just as a CD player.  I used the PS3 instead of my higher end Pioneer Elite Blu-ray player to try and replicate just a pretty standard Blu-ray source.   The connection was made with an HDMI cable.

I then tried a basic $20 cable a company had dropped off for me to look at,  a $60 Audioquest cable, and then Transparent’s two HDMI cables.  Here is the interesting part- the differences in audio were just staggering. Better defined bass, better separation, less harshness, it goes on and on.  I decided to then try it with a Blu-ray disc.  Same exact thing!  Every time I moved up a level in cables, the audio difference was amazing.

Even with my new LED projector, though, the difference in video was not very obvious.  Lesson learned: put the best HDMI cable you can afford between your Blu-ray player and surround sound processor or receiver and get a decent one for the video feed from the processor to your display device! You will find once you get over about 15’ in length, you’ll need a better quality HDMI cable to avoid noise and drop outs. With a decent one, I could not detect a video difference. But wow -  for the short connection from your bluray to receiver or processor the audio difference will floor you. Brad tells me I should try a better power cord on the PS3. That’s my project for this weekend, can’t wait to see and hear what that change will make and report back to you.

So, if you are thinking, now might be a great time to upgrade some cables, Brad and Transparent have quite a summer deal.  They are calling it their cable amnesty program.  It’s a program that allows you to trade in any brand of old cables and get a credit towards new Transparent cables.

It’s a heck of a deal.  It works like this.  You have to buy a Transparent that sells for at least twice what your original cable sold for.  It has to be the same type of cable, so you can not trade a component video towards an HDMI cable.  But the numbers work out really great.  Let’s say you have an old audio cable you paid $100 for and you are considering a new Transparent that sells for $200.  You would get a 70% credit of the $100 towards the Transparent, so you can buy the $200 for $130.

It works out even better if your cables are older and have gone up in price since you purchased them because the trade in value is based upon the CURRENT selling price of your cables.  With copper having gone through such large price increases over the last few years, you may actually get more in trade in value than you originally paid for your cables!!!

The only catch is, the deal is over July 31st.  Its good on audio cables, power cables, and HDMI cables.  Please contact your friends at Audio Advice to learn more details or to come in for a demo..



For a limited time only, Transparent and Audio Advice offer you the chance to trade in your old cables of any brand, toward new natural sounding Transparent Cables. Retain 70% of the value of your old cables!

Transform thin, fatiguing sound into bold, captivating, musical sound through the Transparent Cable Amnesty program until July 31, 2010.

The Transparent Amnesty Program gives you the chance to retain 70% of the original value of your cables - far more than the value of your cables if you were to sell them! In addition, once you become a Transparent owner, you will be able to take advantage of Transparent's generous upgrade program any time - no more waiting for Transparent to offer you amnesty.

Contact your Audio Advice consultant for more details by visiting either the Raleigh or the Charlotte store, by calling Raleigh at (919) 881-2005 or Charlotte at (704) 821-4510, or by clicking the Contact Us tab above and sending us a request with your contact information.