Sony’s home theater flagship 4K projector: VPL-VW1100ES

Sony’s home theater flagship 4K projector: VPL-VW1100ES

The world of 4K Ultra HD video keeps on expanding. Over the last several months, Audio Advice has installed lots of Sony 4K projectors. Both the top of the line VPL-VW1100ES and their next step down VPL-VW600ES have put big smiles on many faces! Not only do they look jaw-droppingly good on 4K content, they each upscale your non-4K content to 4K and provide incredible pictures. Sony’s rich experience in commercial cinema gives them an edge in upscaling technology.  You have never seen Netflix, Blu-ray, or broadcast TV look so good!

Sony has just introduced a new projector, the VPL-VW350ES, that offers many of the features found in their current model projectors for a much lower price.  Like the larger projectors, it offers outstanding upscaling of non-4K content. It also has Sony's MotionFlow and Reality Creation; two features we think provide big benefits. The 350ES has slightly less light output than the other two models. However, if you use a screen measuring less than 130” or so and have a light controlled room, you will have plenty of output. (There is no auto iris feature, which is found on the 600 and 1100.) One feature on the new 350 that is pretty neat is a special gaming mode. This reduces the lag common to most video displays, and allows faster response when playing fast action video games.


Many of our 600 and 1100 projectors were installed in 2:35 theaters, providing the movie-like experience of a very wide image. The 600 and 1100 have memory control, so we can set this up to be very easy to use.  The 350 does not have lens memory, so it is best suited for 16:9 screens.

However, to get 4K upscaling, a super quiet projector, and a picture that will make your draw drop, the entry price of $9995 for the 350ES is a great value compared to what you got for spending a similar amount just a few years ago.

To tempt people even further, Sony has an introductory price of $7995 that is in effect thru Feb 28, 2015.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your old projector or are considering a serious dedicated theater room, the Sony  VPL-VW350ES should be on your list!

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