Just out, Sony's new 4K player should start shipping this week.  We've now got a few more details.  It will come pre-loaded with 10 4k feature films, plus several short clips in 4K.  The films are: The Amazing Spider-Man™ • Bad Teacher, featuring Cameron Diaz • The Karate Kid, featuring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith • The Other Guys, featuring Will Farrell • Battle: Los Angeles • That's My Boy, featuring Adam Sandler • Salt, featuring Angelina Jolie • Total Recall 2012, featuring Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale • Taxi Driver • The Bridge on the River Kwai

It will have an internal 2TB drive, with the option to add more space!

Sony will have a 4K download store, details coming soon on it.

We love the fact that Sony included an audio HDMI out so you can run the 4K video straight to your new 4K display and the audio to your system!

Pricing will be $699

4K is real and the picture is absolutely stunning.  We invite you to come by our stores and experience it for yourself.

Update as of July 1, 2013- Sony announced today the 4K player will give you the option of either renting for 24 hours or purchasing 4K movies and TV content.  The Sony press release said the rentals would be around $8 and the purchase about $30.  They claim there will be quite a bit of content available soon after the release of this really cool player.