In our earlier blog we wrote about the upcoming Sonos PLAYBAR.  Well, its here and I have to say, its far better than the prototype we heard last fall!  We set the first one we received up in our showroom with the Sonos SUB and PLAY3's for surround speakers.  The result was quite spectacular considering the low price of the PLAYBAR.

The PLAYBAR can be mounted on the wall below your TV or placed under your TV on a shelf.  The drivers are at an angle so it is important to have it below the TV.  Our previous blog has more details.

What we did not talk about was performance in our earlier blog as we did not have one yet.  In two words, TOO CHEAP!

Yes, the PLAYBAR is going to embarrass a lot of other products on the market in this same category.  Dialog is very clean and intelligible.  The feeling of spatial separation is pretty amazing for only $699.  Add the SUB and you have a great little system.  We especially liked the way the late night mode worked where it increases the dialog track and compresses the dynamic parts to keep peace with someone nearby trying to sleep.

Is it as good as our reference B&W Panorama?  Nope, the B&W provides better and bigger sound, but its almost 3 times as expensive.  The thing that makes the PLAYBAR so special is how it blows out of the water other powered speaker bars under $1000.  And, best of all, turn off your TV and you have another zone of Sonos music you can control from your IOS or Android device.

If you have a bedroom or secondary TV that is just not cutting it from an audio standpoint, there is nothing better you can get for the money to not only improve your sound, but open up a world of music if you currently do not have any Sonos components.

We invite you to come hear the PLAYBAR at either our Raleigh or Charlotte locations.  Our only problem now is getting them, Sonos anticipated high demand, but they blew through their three month forecast in 60 days, due to its success!

(See the Sonos first promotional video for PLAYBAR below.)
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