Sonos is one of the best-selling brands we’ve ever carried here at Audio Advice.  In just over a decade Sonos has gone from being unheard of to one of the biggest companies in home audio.  Their components just make it super easy to get into the new world of streaming music and computer audio.  When they introduced their PLAYBAR a couple of years ago, they added the ability to include your media room or TV sound into their system.  This gave us better TV audio with the bonus of streaming music in the TV area!

A couple of things make the Sonos products Audio Advice favorites.  The first is just how easy their software makes it for you to interface with all the music in the world.  We constantly receive compliments from our customers on how much they love the interface.  The team at Sonos is also very passionate about continuing to improve the way you interact with music.  So far, all of their updates have been free while making things even better!  

The second thing we love about Sonos is the fact that the entire system is wireless.  Adding Sonos components to your home could not be easier with their system. A few basic Sonos components could be used in all kinds of different ways depending on the type of entertaining you are doing.  

We came up with some very creative ways to give you all kinds of different setups to optimize your fun based upon the type of event you are hosting at your home.

The Sonos Bundle

Audio Advice Recommended Sonos Package

We put our thinking caps on and tried to figure out the very most flexible combination you could put together and stay under $2,000 for the whole thing.  What we came up with was a PLAYBAR, SUB, and two PLAY:3’s. 

Let’s take a look at some of the great combinations this group allows you to put together.  First, we have to tell you this will require a tiny bit of button pushing on the app to make all these changes, but it really is super simple. You just delete a unit or units from a room and add them to another.  It’s only a matter of seconds with the super easy Sonos app.

Everyday Use

If you are like most people you’ll have a family room area for your main TV viewing, a kitchen, and probably one other room you want to enjoy music in.  For this we would put the PLAYBAR under our TV, add the SUB, put one PLAY:3 in the kitchen, and put another on the porch or possibly master bedroom.  This gives us great TV/Movie sound and a couple of zones of music.  They can all play the same thing or different music, plus the PLAYBAR/SUB combo can also play all of your music.  The PLAYBAR does a pretty good job of simulating rear surrounds as well.

Dinner Party

Now you’ll want great sound for your guests before, during and after dinner.  Let’s keep the PLAY:3 in the kitchen, move the other one into the dining room, and leave the family room as is.  We will group them all to play the same music, so you now have all your tunes in the kitchen before dinner, enjoy music while dining, then move into the family room for after dinner drinks and even better audio with the PLAYBAR and Sub.

Dance Party

This one is a more elaborate but easy shuffle.  Let’s take the two PLAY:3’s and move them into the family room.  We’ll tell the app they are a stereo pair for one room.  We will delete the SUB from the PLAYBAR and add it to the same room as the two PLAY:3’s.  Now you can spread the two PLAY:3’s apart for great stereo separation and rock the house all night with the SUB combination.  But don’t stop there.  For people who want to get away for some quiet time, move the PLAYBAR out to your porch.  Set it up to play some jazz or classical for relaxing out there.

Game Day Party or Movie Night

For this one we want to have the best TV/Movie sound possible, so here we combine everything into one room.  We’ll couple the SUB to the PLAYBAR and assign the two PLAY:3’s to be surround speakers and put them in the back of the family room.  Now we have full surround for fun watching a game or a great movie!

Since any of these combinations only require you to be able to plug AC power into the Sonos units, moving them around only takes seconds.  It’s just so easy.  When we think back to just ten years ago, we could never have imagined you could get such a flexible system for under $2,000.  If you want to step up this combo a bit, you can go with the bigger PLAY:5’s and be out for $2,236.  That combo with the SUB will really rock and rivals some $5,000 audio systems!