If you’ve had an Audio Advice Crestron system installed over the last couple of years, then you’re aware of Signature Series™, the Audio Advice designed Crestron system. Under the direction of Audio Advice president Scott Newnam, the Signature Series was developed to offer an easier to use, more reliable, and more powerful home automation and control system than was available anywhere at the time. Signature Series™ was an enormous success among discriminating homeowners who were looking for the very best available home automation technology. Since Signature Series™ was introduced, Audio Advice programmers and system designers have been at work incorporating the latest advances in home technology while keeping an eye to the future. The result: the new Signature Series 2™.

Signature Series ™ represents thousands of hours by Audio Advice and Crestron engineering to make it your ideal home control solution. You indulge in luxury with one touch. Using one button, your lights dim, shades close, the plasma TV turns on and you relax as your favorite movie begins. Listen to music while you read in the den, the kids play video games in the media room, and your spouse listens to the radio outdoors. Control music from any room – choose a component, select CDs, change tracks or adjust volume.

Watch what's going on around the house on security cameras from your Signature Series™ touch panel. Monitor your front door, watch the kids by the swimming pool, or check on the baby napping in the nursery. These are just a few of many enhancements the Signature Series™ experience can bring to your home and way of living.

Signature Series 2™ builds on advancements and learning from over 2 years of use by Audio Advice clients and user focus groups, greatly increasing ease of use and power user functionality Signature Series 2™ adds support for iPhone, advanced security systems, user programmable capability, lifestyle customizable presets for lighting, audio and others. Advanced green living features shade control, HVAC control and more. Signature Series 2™ now includes Mac and PC support for highly advanced networking and synchronization of all music across as many as five home computers.

Contact your Audio Advice system consultant here and arrange a personal home demonstration of the ways Signature Series 2™ will make your time at home easier and more rewarding.