Trade UP ANY BRAND of old electronics for 20%-off select* new Anthem processors, receivers or amplifiers!

Step 1. Order your MRX 1120, MRX 720, MRX 520, or AVM 60 online.

USE CODE: 2019ANTHEMTRADEUP for an immediate discount at checkout!

Step 2. Tell us a little about the component you will be trading in for your new Anthem product using the form below.

  • Trade IN Information

    Tell us about the electronics you want to trade in. Remember, ANY brand of electronics will get you 20% OFF your new Anthem product, even ones that you've loved too much and are damaged. Please be as accurate as possible in your description below!
  • Trade UP Information

    Now that you've told us about your current electronics you want to trade in, tell us what model you want to TRADE UP to below. You can always change your mind later if you decide you want a different model.
  • Required Information

Step 3. Once your new Anthem arrives (within 2 days), pack your old product up and ship it to Audio Advice - please contact us if you'd like a pre-paid shipping label.

Questions?  Chat with us for more information!

Eligible Trade-In Components: AV processor, receiver, or amplifier.
The Anthem Trade-Up Event ends at midnight Pacific time June 30th, 2019. To participate, you must have submitted your trade-in information prior to the deadline. It is understood that the trade process, including shipping your trade-in to Anthem and completing the purchase of your new amplifier, may extend beyond this date. All Trade-In Program transactions must be concluded not later than 30 days after the Program end date.