Many times we see products and concepts introduced at a trade show that never make it to market.  Savant showed some really cool new concepts for home automation at the 2014 CEDIA trade show.  They claim we will see their new software before the end of this year.  I sure hope we do and, more importantly, that it’s bug free! Home automation companies have a history of launching new software products that make us pull our hair out until they get all the glitches fixed.  If Savant can get this one right, they will have a real winner.

Savant is the automation system I use in my home.  I love it because its Apple based (it runs on a Mac Mini- although they now have a more entry level Linux version), has a great graphical interface, and is blazingly fast.


Savant’s new concept is to give the homeowner much more control over customization of the system after the installation company leaves their home.  This is done through what Savant is calling scenes. Way back in the early days of home automation, Audio Advice delivered a concept called “moods”.  These would be activated by the touch of the button to set the lighting at a pre-defined level and start a certain playlist.  We would spend hours and hours creating these, but if the homeowner wanted to change anything, it required a site visit and many more hours of programming. Back then programming was very labor intensive. Jump ahead almost 20 years and this power could be in the hands of the homeowner and only take a few seconds!  Imagine that once we have done the initial system set up, almost any adjustment you desire after that can be done with a few button clicks on your tablet!

With Savant’s new software you will be able to create scenes that are basically any combination of lighting, security, temperature and music!  If you have your house perfect with the right Pandora station playing, the temperature just like you want it, and the lighting set to showcase your home, with the press of a couple of buttons you can capture this as a scene to replay whenever you want!  Even cooler, if you want to always wake up to a certain lighting level, with a certain Pandora radio station playing, you can easily set this up on a timer!

I hope they get this right and that it’s bug free when it arrives.  I suspect it will be a few months before it is, but it does promise to revolutionize home control!

Following at the link  is a video that captures most of the concepts found in their new software: watch now