• Apple based homeautomation system
  • Control your home with your iPhone or iPad
  • Blazingly fast access, anywhere in the world
  • ITunes everywhere

Audio Advice is proud to announce the addition of Savant Systems to our home automation line-up. We’ve watched Savant for a few years and believe they have a great home automation solution. Savant runs natively on Apple’s operating system. Just think what that means for speed, user interface, and reliability!

We recently put Savant in our Raleigh showroom and it flat-out rocks. Imagine a system booting up faster than a Mac Air, instantly giving you complete control. Imagine system control with your iPad or iPhone! Imagine four native streams of iTunes playing in your home! Imagine all streaming music systems in the world (Pandora, Spotify, and more) at your fingertips. Imagine easy set-up of your favorite TV channels and icons on your iPad! Imagine home thermostat control anywhere in the world on your iPhone! Savant makes it all possible. In short, if you like Apple, you need to experience Savant. ‘Nuff said!