Our custom team was met with a new challenge this week.  We had a client who had purchased one of the new Samsung backlit LED TV’s and the awesome new B&W Panorama speaker from us, who wanted it all to mount on swing out arm.  Normally this would be no problem as there are a variety of adaptors for brackets to make this work.  However with the Panorama being so new, and its very cool curvy back shape, we could not find anything we felt would look right.  Jeff Jerina, our lead installer on this project headed off to the hardware store and created a bracket that turned out to be an ideal solution.  The new Samsung TV’s come to a point at the bottom, so it was critical to get everything just perfect for this solution to look right.  Jeff did such a good job that where the point on the bottom of the TV meets the top of the Panorama, you can barely slide a piece of paper in the space.  Keegan, the sales consultant on the project said the customer was thrilled with our great custom solution.  Hats off to Jeff and our creative custom team!