Audio Advice became a PSB dealer a few years ago.  PSB speakers continue to amaze me at the value they offer.  I’ve been on some trips with and come to know Paul Barton, the designing force and namesake behind PSB (He has also been with us for a few of our Music Matters events.) One question I have continued to ask him is: when is he coming out with something really special that represents the best speaker he can do?  Well, the answer is now!

The PSB Imagine T3 tower is here. In typical PSB fashion, this is not a $20,000+ speaker.  A pair is $7,500 and like all other PSB speakers, you get a whole lot of speaker for the money.  The Imagine T3 takes many of the concepts Paul developed in the original Synchrony series and carries them to another level.

The Imagine T3 is a tower speaker standing 4 feet tall with 5 drivers, yet each of them is in a separate enclosure inside the large cabinet. The lower three drivers cover the low bass region with a very interesting strategy. Each one covers an ascending range of frequencies as you move closer to the tweeter and midrange. The position of the woofers and their crossover has been carefully designed to minimize floor bounce. Paul claims this plagues almost all speaker designs that do not account for it. By using 3 smaller drivers to get the same surface area as one large driver, Paul is able to have faster bass that is also more even. When you think about it, it makes sense. By positioning the woofers at three different spots in the vertical plane, you help reduce room interaction which can cause standing waves that can lead to a one-note bass sound you certainly do not want.

Most people’s ears are around 38-40” off the floor in the seated position, which is where the critical high-frequency driver is located in the cabinet which equals just great imaging.

The cabinet is not only beautiful (in its gloss black or gloss cherry finish). It is another engineering marvel. It’s made of 7 different layers of MDF glued together and rounded to minimize any sort of cabinet resonance.  The front baffle the drivers are mounted to is 2” thick!

I guess you get the point, Paul Barton went all out on these. So how do they sound?  In a word, powerful and effortless!  As you might expect, the bass goes very deep, is super well defined, and fills up a large room with ease. Imaging is pinpoint, and boy, do these guys paint a very large soundstage (both side to side and front to back). Tonal quality is neutral across the whole range just all like all PSB speakers.

When I first sat down and listened to them, I thought, wow, these are really good!  The longer I sat, the more I smiled.

If you're near our Raleigh showroom, we invite you to come and give these guys a listen.  (Right now, a demo pair is only available there.) Please bring in some of your favorite music and prepare to come away grinning like me!

Closeup of the PSB Imagine T3 tower speaker

Closeup of the PSB Imagine T3 tower speaker