At our recent Music Matters event, we were lucky enough to have Paul Barton, chief designer of PSB Speakers, present to showcase his latest achievement: the Alpha PS1 mini speaker. These are designed specifically for connecting up to a computer or small TV system.  Paul has been working on these for over 3 years, and the result is astounding.  These little guys can fit right on a desk with their very small footprint.  (Heck, they are only 4 ½” wide by 8” tall by 7” deep.)  They are self-powered, so all you have to do is connect either a mini or left right audio cable into the back and plug in the power supply.  One other neat feature provided is a subwoofer out for those of you who may want a bit of extra bass.

For Music Matters, Paul set these up with a pair of the $3500 PSB Imagine T2 speakers on either side.  The fun part was the number of people who at first could not believe only the Alpha PS1 pair and not the T2 was playing!  They impressed so many people that we already have a pretty long pre-order list.  (We hope to have these in around the late November 2012 time frame.) At $299 they can make a huge upgrade to a computer system, or you could add them to a small TV system for much improved sound over the basic TV speakers.