PSB Speakers' Alpha B1 has been out for a while.  However, just because it's been around the block, does not mean it should be forgotten while looking at the brand new products hitting our shelves!  If you do your homework, you'll find no other single speaker in the world has been the source of so many great reviews during its time on the market!  Like all models from PSB, the Alpha 1B is an outstanding value.  While the Alpha B1 may be small, the sound is huge.  Most people who listen to a pair, when we say the price is $299, reply: "That is each, right?"  We do not have anything else in a speaker pair that sounds this good for $299.  Bass response is staggeringly good for its size and they'll bowl you over with great sound stage presentation.  If you are ready for your first pair of "real" speakers, the Alpha B1 should be on your very short list!  Couple these with a good little amp, and you will be astounded.

Stop the presses! There is something new, they now come in gloss white! 🙂