Introducing the newest edition to the Sonos family:
Available April 4th, 2017

Only the best TV sound.


The PLAYBASE is designed to perfectly fit underneath your TV to provide full-theater sound without being seen.

Stream your favorite music.

Sonos plays Spotify, Tidal, Apple music, free internet radio, podcasts, and audiobooks; whatever you love to listen to, wherever you love to listen.

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PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbase


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Looking to extend your Sonos family? The PLAYBASE lives underneath your TV and provides full-theater sound that fills the entire room. Minimalist and designed to disappear, the PLAYBASE is truly unlike any traditional speaker. Using Trueplay calibration, the PLAYBASE will be custom tuned to fit your exact space for seamless integration into your family.

  • Supports TVs weighing up to 77 lbs.
  • Plays everything: cable boxes, gaming consoles, satellite boxes, and blu-ray players.
  • Keeps dialog volume consistent while adjusting to reduce the intensity of loud sound effects. You won't miss a single word - even if it's whispered.
  • Everyone asleep? Night Sound setting gives quiet sounds a slight boost, while loud ones are automatically reduced.
  • Only requires two cords: one power cord, and one optical cord for your TV. Set up is a breeze.