As many longtime Audio Advice customers know, for years Pioneer Elite plasmas were our favorite flat screen displays. They won all kinds of industry and consumer awards for great picture quality. Pioneer worked closely with Panasonic to provide the glass for the Elite panels. When Pioneer left the TV business, Panasonic hired many of their video engineers. We’re now seeing the result of this.

The new line of Panasonic Viera plasmas has the picture quality of the Elite Kuro sets we all knew and loved! As an added bonus, they do 3D. We have the Panasonic Viera VT25 Series 58” 3D Plasma set up in our Raleigh store with a demo you need to come in and experience. The new Panasonic sets with the Kuro technology are in many sizes including 46”, 50”, 54”, 58”, and 65”.  Pricing is just amazing for the level of picture quality you get. For example, the Viera G Series 54” TVs are only $1999! The Viera G and VT Series are their best: we invite you to visit us and take a look.  (Leon)