Audio Advice had the grand opening of our Charlotte location on Friday, Feb. 26th and Saturday, Feb. 27th. The two-day event was a big success, with a store full of people both days to meet many of our favorite vendors who attended to help us welcome everyone.

Here are some photos of the crowd on Friday night:

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Companies who were represented included:

Audio Research - Dave Gordon
B&W/Rotel/Classé – Jim Scatena
Control4 – Scott Salzman
Crestron – Joe Laurin
Digital Projection – Matt Moscato
Hill Residential Systems– Kevin Grissler, Jason Feus
Integra - Daryl Jenkins
James Loudspeaker – Keith Parke
Kaleidescape – Rick Lozano, Tim Barnes
Lutron – Maria DeVirgilis
Magnepan – Wendell Diller
Martin Logan – Russell Woolfolk
McIntosh - Ben Van DeKreke
Niles / Chief / Sanus – Dave Robinette
Peachtree Audio (Era/Decco) - David Solomon
Salamander / Panamax – Steve Merritt
Sim2 – Chris Hobbs, Jim Armstrong
Stewart – Steve Merritt
Sumiko – Bill Peugh
Transparent Cable– Brad O’Toole
Universal Remote Control – Bobbie Bradley

Rick Dior of Acoustic Barn Productions in Charlotte was also on hand with a presentation: How Audiophile Recordings are Made.

Thanks to everyone for making our hello to Charlotte so great!