So as I was posting my latest blog on how to choose a flat panel TV, I noticed it was posting number 99.  That makes this blog our 100th blog posting.  Boy, that’s a lot of coffee!!

Like the TV business, when you have a milestone combined with an e-newsletter deadline and writer's block (where is the coffee??), it’s time for a greatest hits show!

I thought for our 100th blog post we could re-look at some of the posts I had the most fun composing, and hopefully, you had the most fun reading.  I’ve also picked a few that I think were pretty important.  Here goes the top ten or so blog’s from my totally biased viewpoint!  In no particular order of importance they are….

My tour of the Munich HiFi Show- this was just flat out fun to attend my first ever HiFi show in Europe.  Totally different than in the USA, and lots of great pics.

Fun again with music- I’ve really been having a great time playing around with computer audio, this sums up how much fun you can have too!

Introducing Oppo- These are the best value Blu-ray players we have ever had period.  Read why here.

Leon takes on the NY Times- Ok, I had a ball with this one, a reporter for the NY Times who had absolutely no clue about the current state of the remote control market decided to think himself an expert in the field, NOT!

PSB speakers and Leon’s great speaker hunt- I spent most of last summer comparing all kinds of different speakers.  What could be more fun for someone like me?! PSB was the winner, read why here.

Aerial 7T and Classe CP-800- Not only are these two great products, but somehow these two blogs became really popular.  Right now if you search Classe CP-800 my blog is #1, and even 6 months after my blog on the Aerial 7T, its  #2 after having been #1 for close to 5 months.

Google TV: Leon’s Take- Probably my most detailed review of anything done in the last few years.  I spent a ton of time analyzing Google’s attempt at a TV set top box.  I was also the first to officially pan it instead of saying how great it was like the rest of the press was doing at the time.  Funny how that worked out  🙂 Logitech drops price of Google TV amidst returns higher than sales.

How to make iTunes sound its best- If you are ripping your CD collection, a must read.

I forgot how great it was to have lighting control- I really do love my Lutron Radio RA2 lighting control system…this is part of the technology in my house my wife loves too!

I’ve seen the light- How LED projectors will change the world of front projection theater.

Wikipedia- Phil Melton did great work on this, we finally made it!

I really appreciate the support and great personal comments I have gotten from lots of you over the last couple of years.  I’m attempting to pace myself at averaging about one blog per week..unless I run out of coffee!