Sony Announces New 4K Projectors +
4K LED and OLED Master Series TVs!

Sony Announces New 4K Projectors +
4K LED and OLED Master Series TVs!

At Audio Advice, we have been huge fans of Sony products for over 30 years. Of all the video brands on the market, their televisions and projectors have consistently produced the best picture of anything out there. In addition, history has shown them to be extremely reliable compared to other brands we have carried over the years.

You see, Sony doesn’t just make TVs, projectors, Playstations, and personal audio products. They are also one of the largest manufacturers of high-end cameras and studio equipment used to shoot and edit your favorite movies and sporting events. But it doesn’t stop there. If you walk into any modern commercial cinema and look at the projector, most are a commercial Sony 4K projector.

So the fact of the matter is, they create the equipment to shoot, edit, and view television and movies. In our opinion, this means that when you watch on a Sony, you’re seeing a picture that is as close to the original as you’re going to get.

Over the past few years, we’ve been watching the rise of 4K. They first introduced it back in 2012, but as is the case with any new technology, it took some time to go mainstream. There was very little content. Fast forward to 6 years later, and most of the content you watch today is available in 4K! From 4K Blu-ray players to Netflix, to AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, DirecTV and even YouTube, there are tons of way to see 4K content. And with four times the resolution of high-definition, the benefits are plain as day.

At CEDIA 2018, Sony announced three new 4K front projectors and two new series of 4K flat-panel TVs. We’re going to talk about all of these new models here, but first, let’s touch on the benefits of Sony projectors.

If you’ve ever watched TV or movies on an older projector, you may think you know what to expect, but things have drastically changed over the past few years! In our 40 year history, we’ve installed thousands of front projectors in customer theater rooms and media rooms for our customers. Well, 4K projectors, and Sony’s newest 4K projectors, in particular, raise the bar.

Whether you’ve got an older projector you’re trying to replace or have been looking to buy your first projector, there has never been a better time than now!


Sony’s newest projectors give you true 4K, starting at $4,998. If you have a quality home theater projector today, you probably paid more than that for it. Even if you paid three times as much 5 years ago, the improvement in the picture that you’ll get with these new Sony projectors is just staggering. They also have some really advanced video processing built in, so even if you feed it regular, high-definition content, the picture will upconvert and look great!

Light Output

Your older projector probably has under 1,000 lumens of light output. If it’s 7 years old or more it may even have under 500! Well, the new Sony projectors start at 1,500 lumens and go up from there! You’ll get an image that just jumps off the screen!

Heat & Noise

The new Sony projectors run super cool, which not only means that it won’t heat up your room like some older projectors did, but also that it runs super quiet! There’s nothing fun about packing your custom theater full of guests, only to have everyone sweating from the heat produced by the projector.

Having a quiet projector means you’ll get better dynamic range for the audio, allowing you to hear subtle emotions in an actors voice, instead of having the details masked by the sound of the projector fan.

Lamp Life

Two of the new 4K projectors are lamp-based and Sony estimates you’ll get up to 6,000 hours of life out of a single lamp! This crushes the 750-1,000 hour lifespan of the average projector from a few years ago. When it does finally go out, you’ll be happy to know replacement lamps are now also reasonably priced!

The laser projector doesn’t even have a lamp! It’s equipped instead with a Laser engine which has a whopping 20,000-hour life!

Your Screen

All of these new projectors should work with your screen if you already have one and would rather not replace it. Once you see the picture, however, we bet you’ll want something bigger!

Now that we’ve discussed a few reasons to consider Sony 4K projectors, let’s take a closer look at each of the three new models.

Sony 295ES 4K front projector

Sony VPL-VW295ES 4K Projector

We feel that the new VPL-VW295ES sets a new standard for 4k projectors. First, you get Sony’s incredible video processing, which includes both Motionflow and Reality Creation. Motionflow gets rid of that jumpiness you see in fast action scenes like sporting events, action movies, and video games. The difference is pretty amazing.

Reality Creation is a 4K upscale technology for non-4k content that analyzes every pixel in any direction, then employs a digital signal processing algorithm to map pixels against an ever-evolving picture patterning database. Compiled from over 10 years of expertise, this process enables the projector to enhance colors, contrast, and textures without creating image artifacts. Simply put, your normal Netflix or AppleTV experience will be greatly improved!

With 1,500 Lumens you’ll have a super bright image, allowing you to enjoy your favorite live sporting events with your friends, without having to drastically dim the lights down in your room.

The VPL-VW295ES also has the very latest tech for High Dynamic Range or HDR. Pioneers by Sony, this video technology makes your colors appear richer and more vivid than ever before. HDR is starting to be available both on streaming services and disc. To take full advantage of the highest possible HDR, you need a video processor that can display 60 frames per second and can take an incoming speed of 18Gbps. Last year this was feature was only available on the very top of the line Sony’s. This year, they’ve included it in this entry-level 4K projector. Amazing!

Sony has also added a processing option this year for those of you who have or are interested in purchasing an external anamorphic lens. You can now do vertical stretch mode with 4K content to work with a 2:35 widescreen, which is great for people with older lenses.

Finally, if you are into video gaming, you probably understand lag. This is the delay between the actions you take on the controller and the time you see that action reflected on the screen. As you can imagine, this can be a nightmare in games -- particularly ones that require quick reaction times. Luckily, Sony has a close relationship with the gaming community (PlayStation) and recognize the importance of reduced lag.

For the 2019 series of front projectors, Sony borrowed the same technology used in the projectors designed for flight simulators. Video lag is a mere 27ms, which is the lowest spec we have ever seen on a front projector. It is even lower than their flat panels!
If you have a 16:9 screen up to about 150” diagonal and want the best 4K projector you can buy for $5,000, you should seriously consider the VPL-VW295ES. You will not believe how great the picture is!


Sony VPL-VW695ES 4K Projector

The VPL-VW695ES has all of the features found in the VPL-VW295ES, plus several upgrades. First, the light output is increased to 1,800 Lumens for an even brighter picture. Sony also uses an advanced Iris system in the 695 to greatly improve contrast. You’ll get finer detail, better realism, and deeper blacks with this system.

While the VPL-VW695ES offers significant picture improvements over the VPL-VW295ES, the bigger deal in our opinion is its lens memory. Most blockbuster films are shot in a much wider ratio than that standard 16x9 ratio found on every HDTV. You’ve probably noticed those black bars on the top and bottom of your screen when watching Hollywood films. But what if you could keep your same large HDTV sized image but also stretch the screen out on the sides to make it even wider? Then you could watch those widescreen movies in all their glory! Well, with the VPL-VW695ES and a new widescreen, you can do just that and bring your home theater even closer to a real digital cinema experience!

With this widescreen ability, the latest in HDR, and the advanced Iris system, the VPL-VW695ES is an incredible value for the avid home theater enthusiast!


Sony VPL-VW995ES 4K Projector

The first two projectors are truly great. They really are. But simply put, your jaw will hit the floor when you see the picture that comes out of the new VPL-VW995ES! Sony has taken all of the amazing features found in their $60,000 top of the line laser projector and cut the price almost in half!

With the VPL-VW995ES, you’ll get the exact same lens as found in the VPL-VW5000ES which is a 10 lb., 18-piece, all glass lens with no mirrors. This will deliver a picture close to what is captured by Sony’s high-end professional film cameras. You’ll also get Sony’s new laser light engine with 2,200 Lumens of output and their lens memory technology for a widescreen theater.

Now we know that some of you might think that it’s crazy to spend $35,000 on a projector, and that’s fine! But we’ve sold a number of the 5000ES projectors that cost nearly twice as much, so many of you are probably drooling right now at the thought of this projector. We know we are!

If your screen size is around 160” or smaller, there is simply nothing on the market that can top this project. If you’re looking to go bigger, the top-of-the-line VPL-VW5000ES is still the way to go. With its 5,000 Lumen output, it will remain the best 4K home cinema projector on the planet for 2019.


Sony Master Series 4K LED and OLED TVs

This year Sony has four new Master Series TVs, including:

Sony has once again improved their outstanding video processor to give us an even more lifelike image. We thought the current models looked amazing, but once again, Sony has come through and the picture on these new models is even closer to the real thing.


Sony Master Series A9F 4K OLED TV

Their new X1 Ultimate processor helps with this. They use Object-based rendering at lightning speed to remaster and upscale everything you see to near-4K HDR quality. Everything on the screen is identified, analyzed and optimized individually to adjust the overall contrast, sharpness, and color -- resulting in a picture that looks so real, you’ll have to hold back from trying to reach out and touch it.

Both the LED and OLED models are set up to handle HDR and Dolby Vision. Give it a 4K HDR source and you will be astounded at what you see.

These TVs also include a new feature they call Netflix Calibrated Mode. The Sony engineers worked with the producers of Netflix to set things up so that Netflix Originals look as close as possible to what the film director wanted. We’re not 100% sure how it works, but we’ve seen the end result and it’s a pretty neat and unique feature.

Whether you prefer an LED or an OLED, Sony now offers four incredible top-of-the-line options from 55” - 75” -- perfect for nearly any living space.


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