If you follow my blog posts, you know I love the sound of Naim gear. This fine little half sized piece, the UnitiQute 2, has become our best seller in the whole Naim lineup. Why?  I think The UnitiQute 2 provides such great sound for the money and has an incredible upgrade path.

The UnitiQute 2 is an all in one streamer and 30 WPC integrated amp.  The amp shares technology found in Naim’s new power amps costing over $200,000 and has the ability to drive a wide range of speakers. We’ve recently paired it in several systems with the B&W CM Series 2 from the Model 6 all the way to the Model 10 and it drives them fantastically!

The UnitiQute 2 has six digital inputs along with 24/192 streaming and Spotify, Bluetooth, and internet radio. While its DAC is not as good as those found in bigger Naim streamers, for the money this little guy rocks. Like all Naim gear, you can turn off unused inputs to reduce noise.

Here is where it really gets interesting. Yes, you can use it just as an all in one unit, but let’s say you want to add a bigger amp to it later. No problem - it has preamp outs. It even has speaker crossovers built in so you can use the internal amp to drive a pair of bookshelf speakers and attach a sub to the preamp out. Very slick. There is also an alarm clock you can set to wake up to great music!

Another thing I love about Naim is how they constantly work on the software inside each unit to make the unit perform better. Naim pushes out free updates that improve performance of their components. You can’t beat that!

At a little over $2500 the UnitiQute 2 is impossible to beat. We invite you to come in, start with the cute little UnitiQute2, and hear for yourself how great all Naim gear sounds! Naim will provide you with a lifetime of great sound.