When it comes to streaming music products with no computer required, Naim has several selections to choose from.  I’ve tested quite a few of these in my home and I can say with full confidence, each move up does offer an audible improvement.

Let’s look at a few options.  First we’ll go over the products you might choose from should you have an existing audio system.   These would include the ND5XS ($3995), NDX ($5995), and NDS ($11995).  All of these are music streamers and DAC’s with several digital inputs.  All include internet radio and will include Spotify shortly.  The internet radio is pretty cool as Naim took the best sounding stations in Europe and grouped them so they are easy to find.  All of these include an option to get a built in FM tuner should you desire.

The Naim NDS streamer with power supply

The Naim NDS streamer with power supply

The people at Naim, just like most high performance audio companies, are big believers in the improvements a power supply can make to the sound.  All three of these streamers have the option of adding either now, or later as an upgrade, an outboard power supply.  There are three levels of these to choose from in a range of $3200-$11000.  The reference NDS does not come with a power supply, so you must choose an outboard model to go with it.

Once you have a streamer, you just connect it to your system via analog audio cables, download the Naim app, locate you music on your network and you are off to the races.

Now, the app is a wonder to behold!  I just love it.  It is fast, works every single time, and is super easy to navigate through your music.  Creating playlists is a snap.  One super cool part is the more info button.  Press that and you get a Wiki like page on the artist that is usually about 30-50 pages long.  It’s got all their albums, related artists, history and all kinds of goodies.  With one click you can go straight to Amazon to buy CD’s of the artist or related artist you are looking at.  It’s actually better than having the album cover back in your hand!

Should you be starting from scratch and would like an all in one solution, Naim has 4 choices from $2495 to $6495.  Like the streamers, these have all of the same features with the addition of a preamp and power amp built in.  Now this is another really forward thinking feature.  Should you later on decide to upgrade to a bigger amp, you can go into the settings, tell the unit it’s now just a preamp and instantly the power amp section is turned off! This will result in much better sound if you are using it as a preamp/streamer.

The all in one Naim streamer

The all in one Naim streamer

Finally, should you want to upgrade your preamp and get a streamer, they make a combination preamp/streamer.

If you want to have incredible sound all over your home, the units can link together and all play the same music at the same time.

I think these are some of the best thought out audio components I have ever seen in my 40 some years of doing this.  They are built like tanks, sound incredible, and work flawlessly.

In talking with one of their engineers in the UK, he made a statement that sums it all up.  He said, “All of us here at Naim are serious music lovers.  We work with computers all day long at work and the last thing we want to do is go home and have to get back on a computer to play music.  We wanted to design products that sounded amazing and did not require a computer at all”  They have succeeded.

Please contact us to learn more, I think you will be as impressed as I am and continue to be!