This post covers great integrated amps from NAD.  

If you are an older audio enthusiast, you probably remember the NAD 3020. This was a little integrated amp that came out in the late 70s for $200 . It sounded as good as many components costing 5-10 times as much and was a record seller. NAD has introduced a new edition of the 3020 for $499 that is an equal value but today we are talking about its bigger brother, the C 375BEE.

An integrated amp combines the two key pieces of any audio system, the preamp and power amp, into one box.

We’ve had the C 375BEE in for a while and have really put it to the test. What we have found is that it is capable of driving just about any set of speakers we can throw at it. We are talking about speakers like B&W 802s and Aerial 7T’s, both of which have a reputation of eating up most amps and saying give me more! While this NAD is rated at a fairly high 150 watts per channel, it sounds like an even bigger amp. What has made the 375 such a great seller at Audio Advice are its unique MDC card slots. NAD wanted to design products that you could use for years and years. We all know technology changes, but the basic amp/preamp concept has stayed constant. The card slots allow you to choose what sources you can play through the amp. It comes with two slots. We typically put in a DAC card which gives you an input for computer audio via USB or a digital input for the digital out of a music streaming device like a Sonos. Lots of people put a phono MDC card in the other slot for their turntable.

NAD is now in their 4th generation of MDC cards, so we are convinced they are committed to this concept. So let’s say in 5 years some new method comes out to play music. (I’d say there is a good chance of this as things keep moving on in technology.) NAD will probably have a card that you will add to keep your great amp from being a boat anchor! This is a great idea and the fact it’s a feature on such a good sounding product helps make the C 375BEE one of our best-selling components!

The NAD C 375BEE is only $1500 and cards are around $250 depending on which one you get. There is also a smaller, lower powered model at $900.

Please come in and give these a listen, you will be impressed!