To showcase the incredible JBL Synthesis audio system, the new Sony4K projector, and the biggest screen in the Southeast from Stewart Filmscreen, our Raleigh reference theater has been completely redone!  The JBL Synthesis system is like having the world’s best multiplex theater sound in your home. When you hear it for the first time, you will be blown away! JBL Professional has one of the world’s most sophisticated testing facilities and a building full of audio engineers. When they seriously focus on something, it is the real deal!

The Synthesis speakers accompany Sony’s new ultra high resolution 4K projector, with its image filling a huge Stewart screen. Stewart microperf technology allows us to put the JBL speakers behind the screen, taking the experience to a whole new level, All of the sound feels like it is coming right out of the screen! You know what the best part is? This room is about half the price (for the gear) as what was in there just five years ago and it outperforms it by a mile! Synthesis systems can be assembled for a very reasonable price, and as we all know, projectors continue to get better and less expensive. You’ll experience a whole new level of envelopment in our new reference theater.