Attendees at Audio Advice's Music Matters event on Nov. 13th will have the opportunity to win a couple of great prizes as thanks for attending (in addition to wine and food from Bella Monica).

First, courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins B&W, we're giving away a Zeppelin-the revolutionary B&W iPod dock speaker system.

From B&W's informational material:

"Here are the speakers your iPod® has been waiting for. Zeppelin is an integrated iPod speaker system from Bowers & Wilkins, makers of the speakers that much of the music on your iPod will have been monitored on. B&W creates technologies and systems that world-leading studios depend on and that find their way into even its most affordable speakers. Zeppelin will fill a room with crisp, deep, lifelike stereo sound, and deliver musical detail that you won’t believe your iPod could deliver. That’s because the two have so much in common: blissfully simple design and world-leading technologies that let you get the most out of your music."

An incredible sounding system, especially for its small zize, the Zeppelin is a $600 retail value, and we will be drawing for a winner at the end of the evening.

The second item which attendees can win is a unique piece of sports memorabilia-a framed, autographed Texas Rangers baseball jersey from Triangle native and 2008 American League All-Star and MVP candidate Josh Hamilton, with a photo of Josh at this year's Home Run Derby. This special item will look great in a home recreation room or study, and we plan to draw for it at 9:00 pm. We hope to have Josh with us to give away the jersey, but at this time we can't make any promises. You'll have to find out Thursday night!