Our friends from Peachtree Audio will preview several products, including their new top of the line Grand Integrated. Along with this, one of the most exciting is the new Nova 125. This is an integrated amp with a DAC built in: just add speakers and you are all set! In the past, Peachtree amps have been great sounding, while being somewhat modest in power. The Nova 125 is a real 125 watts per channel: this little guy should be able to drive most high performance speakers with ease. It is super flexible with five digital inputs (two coaxial, two optical, and one USB), two analog inputs, a phono stage, a headphone amp (shared with the tubed preamp), dedicated 24/192 ESS Sabre DACs for all digital inputs (save the USB input, which is routed through its own 24/96 ESS 9006 Sabre DAC), and a home-theater bypass mode. The Nova125 is available in cherry, rosewood, and gloss-black finishes. At $1499 it’s going to be hard to beat!