Visitors to Music Matters in Charlotte on October 25th will have the chance to experience MartinLogan’s demonstration of their acclaimed Montis speakers. These speakers have received a great deal of praise in the year since their introduction, including a recent Stereophile review which said in part:

“If ever there was a model to break down the negative stereotypes of electrostatic loudspeakers, it must be the MartinLogan Montis… In the right system and with the right recordings, a pair of Montises can aurally transport you to the concert hall, or the musicians to your room. After I'd written all of this review… nearly two weeks passed without my listening to the system. Turning it on again following my musical fast, I was struck by how natural, how un–hi-fi it sounded. The MartinLogan Montis really is a lovely loudspeaker: all the technology and precision that have gone into its manufacture work in the service of music.”

If you’re in the Charlotte area on Oct. 25th, don’t miss the chance to hear the Montis speakers shine.