At Music Matters, Ayre Acoustics will have the area debut of their new AX-5 integrated amplifier. At this writing, the AX-5 is so new there is little information beyond it developing from the technology of their reference DX-5 A/V Engine. Michael Fremer of Stereophile, says about the DX-5:

“All I’ll say is that, in addition to superb CD playback indistinguishable from “live” playback, the Ayre DX-5 offers its owner access to high-resolution files from a variety of online sources. Computer audio is the future-for some, it’s the present-and it will change how you listen to music.”

Given this heritage, we can’t wait to have the opportunity to experience the AX-5.

Updated information from Ayre Acoustics: Oct. 9, 2012

The Ayre AX-5 integrated amplifier signals a breakthrough in performance for music lovers, providing a breathtaking level of sonic quality by replacing a separate preamplifier and power amplifier with a single integrated control amplifier..

The key to perfecting the AX-5 was to incorporate the Variable Gain Technology (VGT) of the award-winning Ayre KX-R preamplifier into the power amplifier section. The addition of ultra-transparent FET input selector switches completed the transformation of a basic power amplifier into a compact one-box solution which will become the heart of your high-performance audio system.

Featuring Ayre's new Diamond output stage, our exclusive EquiLock circuitry, and a Shallco solid-silver contact switch for gain control, this
fully-discrete, fully-balanced, zero-feedback integrated amplifier provides a complete solution for your modern music system.

Check it out with us at Music Matters on October 24th and 25th!