AudioQuest has created a new product category with DragonFly. The DragonFly is a tiny little piece that looks very similar to a USB flash drive and plugs into a USB port on any computer. After doing that, you can easily jump into the world of computer audio. DragonFly has an incredibly good sounding DAC packed into its small chassis. It can decode high resolution music files up to 24bit/192Khz with asynchronous transfer and dual clocks. In other words- it sounds fantastic! You can use it three different ways: Connect it to a pair of headphones; connect it directly to a power amp with a neat little Audioquest adaptor; or connect it directly to your stereo system. The great news is: it costs only $250. This makes it really economical to discover how good computer audio can sound. It’s only been out for a very short while and is receiving rave reviews around the world. We’ll have a special deal at Music Matters where you can get a free 1M audio interface cable if you order a DragonFly at the event, or within 7 days later. You’ll want to hear the DragonFly at Music Matters and put it on your Christmas list!