Audio Research will show off their new Reference DAC Digital Media Bridge, which is also the exact same tube preamp as the incredible REF5SE preamp. This is the most flexible DAC on the planet with the ability to play any music on your network and internet radio. It has USB inputs, a memory stick USB input, and normal digital inputs from other digital sources. You can enjoy networked music wired or wirelessly. It works with any power amp out there: if all of your sources are in the digital domain, this and an amp is all you need! It promises to outperform their DAC8 (which was our favorite DAC here) by a mile.

At $16k it is not cheap: however, it actually works out to be less than the Audio Research REF5SE and a DAC8, with better digital performance! Our old friend Dave Gordon will be presenting this playing through Wilson Audio Sasha speakers. Brad O'Toole, Vice President of Marketing for Transparent Audio will be showing and demonstrating a new Reference Digital Cable which launches in October. Brad may also demonstrate some high resolution files copied directly from master tapes to 192 24 bit resolution.