Well, I’ve gone back and looked at the past few years of Music Matters product presentations we have had at Audio Advice.  There is no question, this will be the biggest and best one by far!  We’ll have some crowded rooms, but it’s going to be a ton of fun! If you haven’t already signed up, register for free today to reserve your spot!

For those of you who have never attended a Music Matters, you’re in for a treat! Each year, we invite some of best friends in the industry to our Raleigh (November 18th) and Charlotte (November 19th) showrooms to show off the best high-performance audio gear out there.  In fact, Music Matters has become such a hit, we’ve actually had several vendors announce and launch new products at the event!

More than anything, it’s a gathering of people with similar passions. It’s a time to remember, what we do is all about creating or reproducing an experience.  When you put together a well designed and calibrated system along with great content, the experience will give you a whole new appreciation for music!

So, in alphabetical order, here are this year’s attendees and what they are planning to showcase.  As always, travel and shipping issues may foil our plans, but right now we hope all this comes together.

Aerial Acoustics

Once again we are lucky to have the founder of Aerial, Michael Kelly coming south to showcase his great speakers.  This year in Raleigh we will have the US debut of his new in-wall and on-wall speaker system.   I have seen the drawings and cannot wait to hear what is basically a Model 7 that you can put in or on a wall.  He will also show off the new 7cc center channel speaker designed to go with the new series of T speakers.  Michael is coming in a few days in advance to build the entire setup.  Since it will not be very portable, we will be showcasing the brand new Model 5t in Charlotte.

Audio Research

My old friend Dave Gordon (ask him who sold him his first good set of speakers) is bringing in some of the super cool and great sounding G-series. These are some of the best-looking pieces of audio gear out there with sound to match!


Jett Logan is sending us a whole bunch of bugs!  That would be the new Jitterbug!  This is the best $50 you can spend on a digital system.  We will also be showing off the new Nighthawk headphones.


Alex from Ayre has a super cool new toy, called the Codex.  This is a USB DAC, preamp, and headphone amp all rolled into one.

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins new 802 speakers

Bowers & Wilkins new 802 speakers

Doug Henderson, president of B&W is coming in for what is probably the highlight of the show. Yes, it’s the US introduction of their 50th anniversary 800 series.  I’ve been lucky enough to have an advance listening to these guys and I have to say, it’s the best B&W ever and stands up to speakers costing 3-4 times its price.  The R&D that went into these is just incredible.  You will not want to miss this one!


We will be driving the new 800 series with the latest Classe gear.

Golden Ear

Sandy really wanted to come as he loves our events, but he had a previous engagement.  Mike Lang will be here to show us how their new 1500XL subwoofer uses four drivers to get some earth shattering deep bass out of a pretty small box.  We think this will be a great sub for the money when it ships later this year.

Martin Logan



My favorite digital playback brand will be here to show how to get the most out a Naim setup and to talk about the addition of native Tidal streaming.  I’ve been playing with this at home, and just love it!


Bryce Allan from one of our newest turntable brands will introduce Rega to the Audio Advice family.  Starting at only around $450 these tables sound wonderful and also have a very good upgrade path to improve the sound over time


Sonos has a new Play5 speaker along with a really unique way to help tame room acoustics issues.  I heard the room acoustics demo in the spring at their facility.  It is quite impressive and even more so because it’s a free upgrade for all Play 1, 3, and 5 owners!


Sony VPL-VW5000ES Projector

Sony VPL-VW5000ES Projector

This one may battle the 800’s for the highlight of the show.  Several of us saw this at the CEDIA trade show on Oct 18, and I was so impressed I begged them to get one here for our event.  It turns out, the only ones they had were scheduled to be used at the Napa Film Festival, but we convinced them to overnight one here. So…if the stars of motor freight align, you will get to see the new Sony 4k Laser front projector!  This was the most talked about product at CEDIA.  The picture will blow your mind.


Josh Clark, one of the owners of Transparent, will be here to talk about their new MM5 technology in cables.  It’s a pretty impressive upgrade if you have not heard it yet.

Please be sure to RSVP and we ask for the Raleigh store if you can please car-pool where it’s possible.  We are expecting record crowds and ride sharing will help out.  Thanks!