Remember the Jimmy Buffett song “Making Music for Money” on his 1974 album AIA?  We’ve gotten in some new gear I think he could write a new song about called “Making Great Music for a Little Money.”

I’m referring to the new PSB Imagine X series speakers.  Couple these with one of the new little NAD amps, and you can make some sweet sounds for very little outlay!

The new Imagine X series has two floor standing speakers, a bookshelf and center channel.  They are all great values as you would expect from PSB, but these little $900 per pair Imagine X1s just flat out rock for the money!  At first glance they appear to be very tiny, but the sound they produce comes from the great history of PSB engineering.

Paul Barton, chief designer and founder of PSB, spends a ton of time doing blind testing on regular people to come up with designs using the latest new materials.  The Imagine X series embodies everything Paul has learned in his 40+ years of designing speakers.  They are a tower design with a teeny tiny footprint.  They have dual 5.5” woofers crossed over at different points (for a very simple crossover) and a 1” dome tweeter.  They just sound incredibly natural for the $$ and when you want them to get up and go, they will do it!

The cute little new integrated from NAD

The cute little new integrated from NAD

For a little more deep bass output the Imagine X2 at $1300 a pair is the next step up.  When you couple either of these with the little NAD 3020D integrated amp at $499, you’ve got a system that makes great music for not a whole lot of $$.

Come check them out!