Audio Advice has been a Magnepan dealer since 1979. (Boy I am getting old!) All joking aside, Magnepan has always been one of the best values in speakers. The sound they produce is effortless, seamless, and alluring. For those unfamiliar with Magnepan speakers, they are very thin, tall speakers that use planar magnetic technology to move a thin panel. About 20 years ago, Magnepan developed an ultralight ribbon tweeter, providing a more effortless characteristic to the top end. The result provides music reproduction with lifelike sound staging where you can locate individual performances in your listening space.

Recently, Magnepan introduced the new Model .7. Their aim was to provide most of the sound from the highly rated Model 1.7 in a smaller package. Magnepan has hit it out of the park with these guys. The .7s are only about 4.5 feet tall and 15 inches wide with the tiny 1 inch depth Maggies are famous for. The only real difference in these and the 1.7s is the size of the bass panel. Everything else is the same. This means in a reasonable sized room, you can get fantastic Maggie sound for as little as $1395! Heck, that is less than a lot of speaker cables! We are also very pleased with the new base they designed for the .7s. This is an added $299 option, giving them a very different look than Maggies of the past.

If all this was not enough, there is something about this design that makes them work well for covering a wider listening area. Due to the way a planar speaker focuses energy, there is usually one sweet spot where everything locks in. High frequency energy tends to drop off as you move outside this spot, making it great for a single listener. However, the new .7 overcomes this problem. We set these up with tweeters to the outside and were amazed at how big the sweet spot is!

Turn these on and you will hear the performers playing right in front of you. Acoustic music takes on a character that makes you feel the musicians are right in the room. You'll never sense any harshness and you can listen to these for hours. If you have a large space, we can help you match these with any number of great subwoofer choices including the Magnepan DWM or with some from another favorite, JL Audio.

We have the new Magnepan Model .7 on display in our Raleigh showroom. We invite you to visit and bring some of your favorite music to hear just how much sound $1400 buys you from the folks up at White Bear Lake, Minnesota. (You've also got to really love a company whose slogan is: “Made in America. Sold in China.”)