My wife badly wanted to see the new movie, The Maze Runner as she had read all the books, so I agreed to venture into a commercial movie theater for the first time in many years.  We got there early to get good seats and had no trouble finding two seats, perfectly centered. Pretty soon the place was packed and we were surrounded by strangers, mostly teenagers.  I have to say that I was impressed that during the movie no one was using their cell phones or talking, even though there was hardly a seat open.  The Maze Runner is a great sci-fi movie.

I guess you are wondering what I thought of the movie theater?  Well, let’s see: the center channel and right speakers were reversed!  The 10 surround effect speakers in the theater were not working at all.  The masking did not come all the way down and up to center the image and the top masking panel was crooked.  The high-end digital Christie projector they bragged about with opening clips was very much out of calibration and crushed blacks during the film giving some sections of this movie just black blobs on the screen.  Oh, and the seats were not that comfy.  My feet did not get stuck to the floor which was a bonus! This whole experience just confirmed for me how lucky I am to have a great home theater in my house.

We’ve installed more home theaters than ever before this year and the centerpiece of many of them has been a projector from the Sony 4K series.  Sony has two 4K projectors, the VPL-VW600ES and VPL-VW1100ES. These sell for $14,999 and $27,999 respectively. Never before (that I can remember) have so many people who purchased the same item told me it was the best home entertainment investment they have ever made!  It happens every time we install one.  Now why is that?  Is it 4K or something else?

The all business Sony 1100ES 4k Projector

The all business Sony 1100ES 4k Projector

Both of the new Sonys have motorized lens shift.  This lets you set up a 2:35 (click here to learn more) screen without having to buy an expensive external lens.  Many of our customers are upgrading a 16:9 screen to a 2:35 or installing a new theater with a 2:35 screen.  Enjoying movies in the aspect ratio they were meant to be seen is a whole new experience, so that’s one reason people love the new Sony 4K projectors.

Sony 600ES 4k Projector at Audio Advice in Charlotte, NC

The 600ES 4k Projector

4K content is pretty scarce these days.  It looks amazing, but one of the main reasons people love these projectors so much is what they do to Netflix, Apple TV, broadcast TV, and Blu-ray!  The upscaling used in the Sony 4K projectors takes a normal picture and up-converts it to give you mind-blowing resolution.  You cannot imagine how great your everyday content will look!

For those people who get the 1100ES, it has better video processing than the 600ES.  If you are into cameras, you probably understand the importance of great optics.  I’ve had the lens for the 1100ES in my hand and it has a straight optical path and weighs in at about 15 pounds!  The video processing and lens is the primary difference in the 600 and 1100. If you can afford it, you do get significant benefits.

Sony has also added some great features that allow us to really fine tune the setup.  We’ve got the most control we have ever seen over pixel alignment with 153 zones of adjustment.  Our video technicians really love how they can dial in these projectors!

Another great feature of the new Sony projectors is the fact they are extremely quiet.  While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually is very important.  You certainly don’t want some loud projector fans masking the fine details of your great surround system.  The Sony projectors are so quiet you can barely tell when they are on!

Finally, both the 1100 and 600 are very bright projectors allowing us to do large screen sizes that turn your theater room into an immersive experience.

I think all these advantages add up to the reason for the statement: “the best home entertainment investment I have ever made”!

We have the VPL-VW1100ES on demo in Raleigh and the VPL-VW600ES on demo in Charlotte. Visit us to check them out and see why these new projectors are making lots of Audio Advice customers really happy!