Imagine if you will, that you figure out exactly the perfect car for you. After months of saving, you take the plunge and are happy with your purchase. A couple of years pass, and your favorite vehicle has had a significant round of improvements and emerged as a new model. Sounds typical for the automobile world and the consumer electronics world, right? Well, take that fantasy one step further and dream that you can pay the difference in price and get your 2 year old vehicle completely updated to the new model. That is a dream for sure! However, if you are the owner of Ayre components, it's 100% reality!

About 18 months ago I decided to try out the new Ayre VX-5 power amp. It does a wonderful job driving my Vandersteen 5s. My only wish was that it had a bit more power. Well, Ayre just came out with an improvement to the VX-5 by incorporating their new Diamond circuitry that is filtering through all of their models. The new Diamond circuit has several audio improvements, but they also increased the power output by about 20%.  And guess what?  The VX-5 was $7950 and is now $8950. For just $1000 (and shipping both ways), I can send my amp back and have it updated to be identical to the brand new version!  That is unheard of in any industry and is why I love Ayre Acoustics.

Ayre products at Audio Advice

The beautiful Ayre VX-5 power amp

All Ayre products are handcrafted in their facility in Boulder, CO. The fit and finish is simply outstanding, as is the sound you get for the money. Their prices start for as little as $3500 for their AX-7e integrated amp (yes, when it went to “e” there was an upgrade) and go up from there. One of our best-selling pieces has been the AX-5 integrated amplifier.  It is also getting the same upgrade as the VX-5 power amp.

Ayre QB-9 DSD

Ayre’s QB-9 has been one of our most popular DACs of all time for getting people into computer audio. In the course of its 6 year lifespan (a millennium in the audio world), it’s price has gone from $2500 to $2750, then to $3250. Each time Ayre improved it you simply paid the difference and shipping and got the upgraded unit. I even had a funny experience with the QB-9. During our 2013 Music Matters event, I brought my $2750 unit to the store as we needed more DACs. I accidently brought home the new improved version that had just been released and spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what I had done that made my system sound so much better! (When I read the fine print on the front of the DAC, mystery solved.)

We’ve got many Ayre components on display in both our Raleigh and Charlotte locations and we invite you to visit and give them a listen. Experience for yourself why Ayre is the best investment you can make in high performance audio gear.