If you are into computer music at all, there is a very good chance you are using the free Apple Remote app to control your library.  I used mine with Pure Music going into an Ayre DAC at home and just love it!

A new version was just released a few days ago and it’s got two new features that will increase my enjoyment by a mile.  The first one will require you to upgrade your iTunes library to version 11, but this is a big one.  I find when listening to my fairly large library, one song or artist will remind me of another song I want to hear.  So I wind up searching for that song, then once I am there, just clicking it to start playing.  The problem is, I have usually not finished listening to the last song playing.  I’ve talked to many people who have found this is one of the downsides of such easy access to a huge library of songs.  Well, with iTunes 11 and the new Remote app, this may be a thing of the past.  Apple has added an Up Next feature to 11.  What this does is basically let you create a playlist on the fly.  I can now go find the song I am interested in hearing next, add it to Up Next and then finish listening to the current song.  That’s the way it should be!

It may take you a minute to figure this out, so here is how it works:  At the top of the Remote app you’ll see a little icon to the right that is three dots and three lines.  It will be blue if you have songs in the Up Next cue or grey if not.  Just touch this icon and you’ll see how it works, it’s really great!

The big deal to me though is how the app itself now works.  With the last version of Remote, if I left the app to go check my email, browse the web, check sports scores, etc. on my iPad, when I came back to the app, it would not be where I left it, but back on the home page.  This meant I would have to go back and find what I was listening to if I wanted to choose another song from that artist or album next.  With Remote version 3.0 if you leave the app, it comes back right where you left it!

Apple has also made the navigation a lot easier to use and as always, the graphics seem to get better every time they have an upgrade.

If you use Pure Music, for now, there is one small drawback.  You will lose gapless playback within an album.  Pure Music appears to be working on a fix for this and for me it’s not a big deal to gain the huge advantage Up Next  and coming back to where you were when you leave the app offers.

So if you are using Remote for your computer music, go do the update, I think you will love it!