In part 5 of our tour of the best of CEDIA, we’ll look at the upcoming DirecTv satellite receiver.  Their both was extremely crowded and I did not get a chance to ask any questions, but here is what I gathered from reading over the specs they had posted.  In Audio Advice tradition, we like the make you aware of upcoming technology, even if the details are sketchy.   I must say, this piece looks really interesting.The new receiver (actually they are calling it a media center) is the HR34.  This receiver uses a new technology I think we are going to be hearing a lot more about called RVU.  RVU comes from an alliance formed by DirecTv, Cisco, Samsung, Broadcom, and Verizon.  It is a client/server based technology.This puppy has 5, yes 5, built in tuners.  It allows for picture in picture to work on the TV connected up to the HR34 receiver.  It also can connect up to and pull pictures off your network much like the current Tivo box can do.  They were showing a tiny little new receiver called the HR30 which was only about ¾” tall by about 3” deep and 6” wide, so you could easily hide this behind a TV.  There will apparently be upcoming TV’s from Samsung that will have this little tuner built in.

The neat part is, where ever you install an HR30 mini receiver, you can access any of the content stored on the HR34!  They were showing a cabinet full of small little widgets that seemed to allow you to adopt current wiring to the architecture of this new RVU system, but again, no one could answer my questions.  At this point, I am not clear if you need both RG6 and ethernet connected to each of the HR30’s or just one or the other.

I could not even get close enough to take a picture and scouring the internet has turned up a blank there as well, but I can say its about twice the height of the current DirecTv units.

I suspect RVU works on a home network and you’ll just need ethernet at each location and that’s it, and also suspect the adaptors are some way to port the signal down existing RG6 cables in people’s homes.

No release date or pricing was given and there is no press from DirecTv on the unit for further clarity.  Once this hits, it will be a great way to do a simple video distribution system so you no longer have to worry about which box you recorded that show on you wanted to watch!