Well, I’ve saved the best for last!  In my final report on the 2011 CEDIA show you’ll learn about what I felt was the most impactful new product shown.

On the last day of the show, after the crowds had thinned down, we still had to wait close to an hour to get in for this demo.  The lines for this new product were consistently stretched around the booth throughout the entire show.  A group of us walked in and had to sit on the very front row, which put us about 7 feet from a 180” (that’s 15’) screen.  The product on demo was a new projector from Sony.

Movie theaters around the world are going through a complete redo as they change over from film to digital projection.  The forward thinking theater owners are preparing for the future of cinema by installing projectors that are capable of 4K.  A projector of this type has 4 times the resolution of even current 1080p projectors.  As stadium seating becomes more popular, the audience is sitting a lot closer to the screen than in the past, which means you really need the highest resolution possible.  There is also a revolution going on in the movie camera industry where the exact same change is occurring.  Cameras are going from analog film to digital and the smart companies are choosing 4k camera systems for it's incredibly better resolution.  Sony has installed more than 9,000 of these 4K projectors around the world and continues to install several hundred per month, at a cost north of $250,000!  These guys weigh in at over 400 pounds and only run on 220.  I think you could say that gives them a bit of a track record in the 4K projector business!  For those of you interested in learning more about 4K cinema, here is a link to Sony’s 4K professional website: Sony Professional Digital Cinema

The Professional Sony 4K projector found in digital cinemas around the world

The Professional Sony 4K projector found in digital cinemas around the world

At the CEDIA show, Sony unveiled the world’s first consumer 4K projector, the VPLW-VW1000ES.  And I have to tell you, it just blew us out of the water!  The projector has twice the light output of any Sony projector in the past.  It is fully 3D capable.  You do not need an anamorphic lens for 2:35 movies.  Better yet, it up-converts your Bluray and DVD content to 4K.  We were sitting so close to this 15’ screen that it was impossible to even take in the entire image left to right.  The incredible part is, that no matter what content they showed us, we could never ever see the slightest artifact at all!  Even at this extremely close distance we could not see a single pixel!

Enjoying a movie is all about being immersed in the picture.  With a projector of this quality, you’ll be able to have a far larger screen than in the past.  It has the horsepower in light output to fill up a huge screen and the resolving power so you will never see anything but an astonishingly pure picture.  For the ever increasingly popular 2:35 screens, you will not have to spend the extra money for an anamorphic lens and sled.

For the final demo, Sony showed us a clip done in 4K from the upcoming Spiderman movie.  My prediction is that once 4K becomes popular, 3D is done.  A movie produced in 4K just has so much resolution, you do not need 3D.  It’s simply amazing and you have to see it to believe it.  It’s like the difference you all experienced when you saw high definition for the first time!

The VPLW-VW1000ES will be available sometime in the 1st quarter of 2012.  And are you ready for this…even though its modeled on the same platform as their $250K professional projectors, it will be 1/10th its price, yes, it will be $25K!!!