While 3D video was everywhere, I have to tell you, if you want to have more fun in your home theater, go for a 2:35 screen set up.  About 75% of the major films released today are done in 2:35.  This means when you view them on a normal high definition display, there are black bars at the top and bottom.  You can do a 2:35 screen at the same height as a 16:9 screen, but it is much wider.  This means your normal HD content that is in 16:9 looks just like it always has, but for the wide screen movies in 2:35 you get a much greater impact.


Until now, this great experience required a special lens in front of your projector, just like they use in a movie theater.  One of our favorite projector brands, Epson, was showing off a new projector that is a budget way to get to widescreen.  Several of us sat through the demo and were flat out amazed.

Epson is introducing two new projectors with their reflective technology which advances 3LCD even further.  The top of the line model has a feature that allows us to do set points for zoom.  This allows us to zoom up the picture to fill a 2:35 screen or zoom down for a normal 16:9 screen.  While this method does loose a bit of resolution, compared to an anamorphic lens, the price of admission just dropped by over 50%!  Typically an anamorphic lens and its motorized sled is around $7500.  This is on top of the price of the projector, which also needs the ability to work with a lens.  The price of the new Epson--under $5000!!!  We were all blown away by the picture quality this offered for its price.  Even better is they have developed a new lamp that should give up to 5000 hours of use, AND you get a spare in the box.  This means you could watch a 2 hour movie every single day and not need a new lamp for about 13 years!  True to our beliefs that 2:35 is much better than 3D, this projector is not 3D capable, but there is a model below this one that is.  Take it from us, 2:35 is a ton more fun than 3D!  Shipping date on this cool new unit is sometime first quarter of 2012.