Prima Cinema will premiere their day of release movie service at Digital Living 2012

Prima Cinema will premiere their day of release movie service at Digital Living 2012

A message from Leon Shaw, Founder and Chairman, Audio Advice

Why you will want to attend Digital Living in Raleigh, July 25th and Charlotte, July 26th

Each year home entertainment changes happen faster and faster, so prepare to be amazed! This year’s Digital Living has nearly twice last year’s number of presenters. We have brand new home theater products you have to see, and new technology that lets you watch a movie the same day it is released in theaters: imagine that! Also, music is available everywhere today. If you know how, you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime, with nearly every song in the world at your fingertips. The easy access and ways you can discover new music and old music you’ve missed will blow your mind! Digital Living will show how to easily ride the music wave that’s revolutionizing the world of home audio. For home automation, the iPad has transformed home control. Learn how to access music anywhere in your home, control your lights, HVAC, security, and more. Not only can you do it from anywhere in the world, it costs far less than you might imagine! We’ll show you how to unleash the full power of your iPad! Digital Living 2012 will have plenty more for you to enjoy: take a look below for some specifics.

Who's coming and what to look for

AudioQuest – They’ll demonstrate the importance of good quality cables in your system, and how a power cord makes a difference even on a $600 iPod dock. A new surprise: their first DAC that connects right to your laptop!

Apple – Certified Apple experts will show you how to get the most out of your Apple products. This session is always packed.

B&W/Classé- Hear Classe’s CP-800 digital preamp: a winner in its category. Experience B&W New Media products with Airplay.

Integra- How can Netflix streaming look better?  Check out Integra receivers and our favorite brand’s latest theater offerings.

Kaleidescape –They’ll show their awesome new idea based around organizing favorite movie scenes, and more.

Lutron - Our favorite lighting control company has thermostats and an amazing iPad app. Home automation is easy with Lutron.

Panamax -In the digital world, clean power is more important than ever. Panamax demos will show why conditioning matters.

Peachtree Audio - Peachtree is the leader in the computer audio revolution. They’ve got some great new toys to show off.

Prima Cinema- A brand new company, featured in the Wall Street Journal. Their system allows you to watch a movie the day it is released.  Is it expensive? Heck, yes!  Is it cool as all get out with a picture to die for? You’d better believe it!

PSB Speakers - Hear the new headphones the audio world is raving about. Nothing beats PSB for enjoying your music while mobile or at your desk.

Savant - Imagine a home automation system running native on the Apple OS!  Automation with an Apple flair; a must see.

Sonos - The best way to put streaming music all over your home. Their new wireless sub can be added to most Sonos systems.

If you plan to attend, please help us plan by sending an RSVP to [email protected] with your name, the location where you will be attending, and the number in your party.

We hope to see you at the July Digital Living evening in Raleigh (8621 Glenwood Ave.) on Wednesday July 25, or in Charlotte at our Pineville showroom (11409 Carolina Place Parkway, near Carolina Place Mall) on Thursday July 26. Each evening will last from 6 PM to 9 PM. Come and enjoy good food, good friends and a great time!