This post provides detail on new, more affordable subs from JL Audio.  

Watch Leon in the video below, read the post, or enjoy both!

If you have ever been in the market for a subwoofer and did any research at all, you probably ran across all the great reviews on the JL Audio Fathom series of subwoofers. These have gotten 5 star ratings from every reviewer that checked them out. If you come into Audio Advice and ask any of our salespeople what subwoofer they have at home, you are probably going to hear it’s a JL Audio. It’s the most consistent thing we all agree on!

JL wanted to bring their technology to more people and introduced the E series a few months ago. The 10” E sub is $1500 and the 12” is $2000. This is about half the price of their Fathom series. They share a ton of the features that make the Fathom the reference standard of subs. First, if you check out the heat sinks, you will see these guys have a real power amp driving the long throw woofer. They are massive and need to be as this is no cheap chip based amp. It’s the real deal. JL uses stiff long throw woofers and they did not skimp in the E series. The drivers are very similar to the Fathom models.

Magnet strength and woofer basket stiffness are critical in getting good tight bass response out of a sub. Then you have to put this massive driver in an acoustically inert and solid cabinet. What this results in, is something that weighs a lot! The Fathom series is something that is pretty difficult for one person to move around, weighing in at over 100 lbs. The E series is no different. Try to pick up an E series and it will barely move!

Finally, JL included two features I just love for set up. On their Fathom series, JL was really smart to put all of the controls for adjustments on the front of the sub. This is super convenient. On the E Series, to save some $$ they moved them away from the front, but they are on the top back section hidden by a removable cover. This is still far easier than having them on the back like most sub vendors do. The second part I like is the variable phase control. If you need to put your sub(s) somewhere other than the front wall, this adjustment allows us (or you) to really fine tune the sub to get the bass frequencies aligned with your main speakers. The result, if you do this right, is much cleaner bass.

We think these are the best sub values ever found at Audio Advice. With their lower price, you can maybe get two, which is always a plus with subs!